about Call of Cthulhu CCG and LCG

Quick links

Total Eclipse

Installation in GCCG

  • Get the installation files from the GCCG page

  • Windows

  • ... unzip and run Install Cthulhu.bat in the gccg directory.
  • Start with Cthulhu.bat


    ... then execute following commands
    cd gccg
    ./gccg_package source add http://games.phtn.de/gccg/
    ./gccg_package install coc coc-official-sets coc-decks
    ./ccg_client --server markferry.net cthulhu.xml

  • Tips for gccg
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    Play instructions

  • How to play Call of Cthulhu in gccg

  • Installation in LackeyCCG

  • LackeyCCG

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